The S170 Navi revolutionizes professional floor cleaning

The S170 Navi revolutionizes professional floor cleaning in large office buildings, the hotel industry, care facilities, cruise ships, and many more. Specially built for use on single small to medium-sized floors and, thanks to the docking station with replaceable dust bags, even for longer periods without human intervention.

thanks to an intelligent charging and suction station

Enhanced autonomy for only CAD $1,500

Every Cleanfix S170 Navi dry vacuum cleaning robot comes with an intelligent docking station as standard. This docking station automatically charges the robot’s batteries and empties its dust tank. The dust and dirt collected during the extraction process gets safely stored in an easily replaceable dust bag. Using this docking station (service station), we can minimize the need for manual intervention by your cleaning staff, resulting in reduced time and effort required for daily/weekly maintenance.

Best manufacturer independent fleet management

Buy a Cleanfix Navi S170 – Get FieldBots OS 1 year free

FieldBots OS is the only manufacturer-independent management suite for facility management (FM) robots. Thanks to FieldBots OS, you can orchestrate even large robot fleets with hundreds of devices across different locations and buildings.

Key Features
  • Customizable and easy to use dashboard
  • Get powerful data and insights
  • Seamless map & setting management
  • App available on iOS, Mac, Android & PC
  • QR codes for inventory management available
Small robot, big performance

Performance data that convinces!

Plug & Play The Cleanfix Navi S170 is ready to use immediately

FieldBots OS Ready The Cleanfix Navi S17 comes with the best fleet management for FM robots: FieldBots OS. 

Mapping & Navigation
Autonomous mapping and navigation through the use of LiDAR, Bumper, Ultra- sonic. No usage of cameras for extra privacy!

Overcomes edges of up to 20 mm

Capacity Dust Collector
Capacity of 3.4l

Areas of application
Perfect for office buildings, hotels, universities / schools, healthcare and public buildings.

Area performance
Area performance

Up to 3444 sq ft


Battery life up to 250 min

Robot dimensions
Robot dimensions

L x W x H: 13.78 x 13.78 x 3.07 in


Cleanfix Navi S170 is connected via WiFi

Factsheet 2024-06-01 788 KB Download Factsheet

Download the official Cleanfix Navi S170 Fact Sheet with all the relevant data and metrics

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