Areas of application

Main disciplines for your robot swarm.

Relieve your services organisation, reduce the number of third parties in your buildings for safety and health reasons, make cleaning work 100% visible through perfect performance records and use robotics as a steppingstone for new FM concepts.

Care institutions

Assisted living and permanent care are literally home. The vacuum-cleaning robot was developed for scenarios like these. FieldBots helps you set up a realistic scenario for cleaning robots right from the start without burdening or endangering your residents or nursing staff. In setting up the FieldBots test package, we create a proof of concept and take care of training your employees and service providers in handling the hardware and software. When rolling out your concept in all rooms and locations, FieldBots provides you with all the robots and accessories, so you won't have to worry about anything.

Green areas

Whether athletics fields, parks, public green areas or lawns around blocks of flats, robotic lawn mowers help in maintaining green areas. FieldBots takes care of selecting the robot for your deployment scenario and supports you in preparing them for your green areas. With the FieldBots test package, we help you get started with a validation project quickly and effectively. In addition, we train you, your employees or external service providers in handling the bots and/or the Cloud and assist you with their procurement as soon as your organisation is ready to use FieldBots extensively.


Offices with 1 to 8 workplaces are very similar to an original "living room" cleaning scenario of a vacuum-cleaning robot with a lot of chairs, tables and cables, including flooring and frequency. FieldBots advises you on selecting the right vacuum-cleaning robot with suction station for you and helps you prepare your offices for using robots. Together we set up a pilot with the help of the FieldBots test package and train your employees and service providers in handling the bots and the FieldBots Cloud. We will also help you with the rollout, the expansion of your fleet and the procurement of consumables and spare parts.

Hotel industry

People constantly coming and going, problems with carpets and parquets, cleanliness, even under sofas and beds – this is what a vacuum-cleaning robot is made for. FieldBots supports you in selecting your test robots, gives you tips for your concept on integrating robotics into everyday hotel life, uses the FieldBots test package for a test in one of your buildings, teaches employees and service providers how to use bots and the Cloud, and is there to help you with supplies should you decide on an extensive rollout. If you serve the increasing hygiene requirements of your guests with robotics, your cleaning staff will have more time for more important things.

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