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The arrival of service robots.

Small, inexpensive, increasingly sophisticated vacuum-cleaning, mopping and mowing robots can be grouped together in swarms thanks to the FieldBots Cloud and are therefore ready for professional use in offices, care institutions, the hotel industry and green spaces. Thanks to FieldBots, seize the opportunity to develop a professional FM concept for running your building.

Good reasons to use FieldBots
Relief of service providers
It is currently difficult for FM service providers to find enough qualified personnel. With FieldBots, service providers can be relieved of simple activities they are burdened with – in favour of really important matters.
The right time to gain experience
Service robotics has moved on from the experimental stage: It is now finding its way into private households just as smartphones did at that time, then also moving to the business industry. FieldBots is your trailblazer.
Cleaning concepts that have long been required can now be carried out with FieldBots
FM service providers can switch to day cleaning in order to ease the HR situation and increase your visibility. "Loud" cleaning work such as vacuum-cleaning or mowing can be done with FieldBots at off-peak times. On-demand cleaning can also be implemented in this way.
Reducing strangers in buildings
By using FieldBots, the number of strangers in buildings can be reduced. In doing so, this increases safety and is important from a health perspective.
Cleaning more frequently
The requirements for good hygiene practices are continuing to rise and can no longer be met by manual labour alone. FieldBots allows you flexibly decide on how often and where cleaning should take place. Continuous cleaning is also possible.
Our offer at a glance

Advice on robotics

FieldBots helps you implement robotics solutions and advises you on feasibility or any necessary change measures. Upon request, we can arrange appointments with corporate real estate managers to share knowledge. We will of course also help you with equipping and rolling out your robot swarm.

Recommended action
Analysis of the feasibility and recommendation of necessary changes for your areas
Sharing of knowledge

Participation in robotic knowledge acquisition for facility management and connection to FieldBots customers
Recommendations on the type and quantity of robots for your swarm including acquisition
Support with rollout in order to successfully bring your robotics concept to the area

Swarm management

The FieldBots Cloud is your starting point for managing your robotics swarm fleet professionally. Even with hundreds or even thousands of robots, you, your employees and your service providers can keep track of the fleet, its whereabouts in the building and its operational readiness.

Central overview
Even with a large swarm, you will have permanent control over robots of all manufacturers and disciplines
Room directory

Room and location overview for localising the bots, even beyond office boundaries
Status information

Daily performance of the respective bots and information on their operational readiness
Search and filter function

Find robots quickly on the basis of ID, location or type.

Procurement of bots and material

With FieldBots, you not only get access to the FieldBots Cloud and to controlling your robotics swarm, but you also receive a reliable supply of additional bots, consumables and spare parts directly from the software. In doing so, FieldBots constantly keeps an eye on the development of new hardware for you.

Fleet expansion

Purchase option for new bots that are immediately integrated into the swarm at the right location
Automatic dispatch of consumables and wear materials based on usage statistics
New disciplines

FieldBots is continually being developed. We are already planning the integration of other promising disciplines apart from vacuum-cleaning, mopping and mowing
Observing the market
With expansion of the overall fleet, FieldBots is closer than any other market participant to developing robotics for facility management

Bot onboarding

Since each manufacturer comes up with their own type of robot connectivity and Cloud, FieldBots makes adding new devices to your swarm a lot easier. On the one hand, only devices that can be easily integrated are recommended, and on the other hand, FieldBots Connect relieves you of a lot of manual work and supports you within the user interface with easy steps.

Step-by-step processes
Few clear steps to add a new device to your FieldBots swarm
Manufacturer independence
Simple connection of bots from different manufacturers and standardisation of the status logics
Broad-based technological support

Whether hardware-to-Bridge-to-Cloud or Cloud-to-Cloud, FieldBots speaks to everyone
Labelling with QR codes

Upon request, bots and bases can be delivered with FieldBots' own QR codes for global identification


With FieldBots, it has never been easier to analyse the cleaning efficiency of your property portfolio on a global basis and to lay it out in clear reports. Regardless of whether you are only segmenting individual disciplines or buildings or parts of buildings or creating an overall picture.

Proof of performance

Aggregation and homogenisation of the performance data for comprehensive analysis
Employees and service providers can leave comments on robots in the comments field
Targeted selection
Analysis restrictions of specific locations, parts of buildings or robotics disciplines
Exporting reports

Downloading of reports as PDFs for service documentation and service provider discussions
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