Your robots’ connection to the fleet

FieldBots Connect Plus is an IoT roaming SIM card and QR code combination first available in the European Union, Switzerland, the UK, Canada, and the US. The SIM card is tailor-made for FM robots, always picks the best mobile network available, and can be part of your FieldBots subscription. Beyond that, it will be built into many new robotic models that manufacturers will introduce to the market in the upcoming months and years.

How it works

It couldn't be simpler

You either 1) get a sim card from us, put it into a compatible robot, and pair it in FieldBots OS, or 2) buy a robot that is FieldBots Connect Plus enabled out of the box. From now on, your robot won't need WiFi any longer, but it will use mobile data to connect to our cloud.

Why Connect Plus?

Getting and keeping robots in your network can be rather tricky. Some IT departments don't consider FM robots part of their critical infrastructure or even want them in their WiFi network. Beyond that, setting up or relocating your robots becomes super easy.

What does it cost?

FieldBots will add a fee to your yearly subscription per robot. Depending on the device's data consumption and the country you are in, this usually means an extra 50 to 200 EUR per year. Don't hesitate to contact our sales for details; we will find a mode that works for you.

How stable is Connect Plus?

With FieldBots Connect Plus, you ensure that all of your robots are always available, no matter what WiFi is available or which mobile data provider has coverage. We collect your robots' data and make them available to you.

Connect your robots to the fleet

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