ZACO X1000 – The robot vacuum cleaner for commercial areas

The answer to professional cleaning requirements in commercial environments. Our robot offers seamless integration into your existing processes, lightening the workload for your employees and optimizing your operational processes.

An unbeatable offer

Top performance for only CAD $6,300.

The Zaco X1000 covers an impressive 2700 sf in one hour, thanks to its large battery and 3L dustbin capacity. It also boasts up to a 20,000 PA suction power, which makes it perfect for vacuuming carpet and rugs. The robot guides itself with the help of multiple hi-tech sensors, combining LiDAR, ultrasounds and dual-cameras. It uses the data from the sensors to automatically generate a map which you can organise and modify directly from the FieldBots OS dashboard. The Zaco also uses AI to detect different types of objects in front of it, like shoes or parcels, and navigate smoothly around them to avoid getting stuck.

Best manufacturer independent fleet management

Buy a ZACO – Get FieldBots OS 1 year free

FieldBots OS is the only manufacturer-independent management suite for facility management (FM) robots. Thanks to FieldBots OS, you can orchestrate even large robot fleets with hundreds of devices across different locations and buildings.

Key Features
  • Customizable and easy to use dashboard
  • Get powerful data and insights
  • Seamless map & setting management
  • App available on iOS, Mac, Android & PC
  • QR codes for inventory management available

Unrivalled price to performance

Plug & PlayThe X1000 is ready to use right out of the box

FieldBots OS Ready The X1000 is perfectly integrated in the best fleet management platform for FM robots: FieldBots OS

Mapping & Navigation
Autonomous mapping and navigation through the use of: LiDAR, ultrasonic sensors and dual stereo cameras

Overcomes edges of up to 25 mm (1inch)

Dustbin capacity of 3L

Areas of application
Perfect for office buildings, restaurants and hotels, healthcare, public buildings, schools, universities...

Area performance
Area performance

Max. area performance 2700 sf/hr


Long battery life up to 6 hours

Suction Power
Suction Power

20,000 Pa suction power for optimal cleaning

Noise level
Noise level

Super quiet cleaning at 62 dB

Brochure 2024-06-01 6.3 MB Download Brochure

Download the official ZACO X1000 brochure and let our unrivalled product convince you

Factsheet 2024-06-01 161 KB Download Factsheet

Download the official ZACO X1000 Fact Sheet with all the relevant data and metrics

Need personalized advice?

Talk to Andrew

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