Equip and control your robot swarm with FieldBots.

FieldBots isn’t a startup but a robotics Cloud specially designed for facility management that integrates vacuum-cleaning, mopping, sweeping and mowing robots from different manufacturers. It allows for a roll-out of holistic robotics concepts in corporate real estate, care institutions, the hotel industry and green areas. FieldBots is being developed by Feil, Feil & Feil GmbH in Ludwigsburg and Manila in the Philippines.

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Our history

Feil, Feil & Feil GmbH's FieldBots product is based on many years of experience with the Cloud and apps in the digitisation of building-vicinity service providers. The affiliates are also exclusively active in the digitisation of building operations.

  • Feil, Feil & Feil GmbH will start implementing an ecosystem in service robotics on behalf of customers as early as 2016
  • FieldPass GmbH has been developing and licensing the scalable Cloud operating system with the same name for 10 years
  • PropOps GmbH has been concentrating on services management in infrastructural and technical facility management since 2019

Our journey

With FieldBots, we have been helping corporate real estate customers manage their swarms of robots productively since the beginning of the year.

  • Continuous further development based on customer feedback. Publication of three major releases and physical steering towards implementing the 2021/2022 roadmap
  • Onboarding of the first corporate real estate manager and swarm of robots for live operation
  • Delivery of larger quantities of robots and accessories, and accessories immediately available

Our aim

FieldBots will continue pursuing ambitious goals in the coming years.

  • Significant expansion of the number of managed devices for offices, care institutions and the hotel industry through numerous test installations
  • Conclusion of partner contracts for a Germany-wide service network for the maintenance of service robots in facility management
  • Expansion of the FieldBots apps for proof of performance, bot analyses and smartphones
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