Deliver cleaning results with FM robots from a single, manufacturer-independent cloud

FieldBots OS is the manufacturer-independent management suite for FM robotics, empowering you to manage your entire fleet with complete freedom and flexibility. Based on the group’s 14 years of cloud and app experience in the FM industry and almost ten years in FM robotics, we built our desktop, iOS, iPadOS, and Android for fleets of literally hundreds and thousands of robots.


What's new in FieldBots 4?

FieldBots 4 has a new dashboard view and features that make daily work easier. The new UI reflects the innovative power of FieldBots. Have a look!

Why FieldBots

This is our approach


Service delivery to the customer comes first

All platforms

Fully featured for desktop, mobile, and tablet


Easy-to-understand advice for reaching your ROI

Easy to use

Technicalities are managed in the background


Clear dashboards and reporting

Dealer access

Dealer access for extended support is possible

Everything AT a glance

Customizable dashboard

As FieldBots OS constantly monitors your robotics setup and fleet, you can configure your team’s dashboard and drill down to the location you want to have an eye on.

Key features
  • Structure your deployment into multiple locations
  • Arrange the widgets to suit your needs
  • Zoom in and out to get the depth of knowledge necessary
  • Invite others to join
Know Your numbers

Unveiling powerful data and insights

With robots, we finally have all the proofs and data needed to present precise FM results and constantly optimize our service delivery.

Key features
  • Analyze your performance 
  • Set a focus on a specific location, period, or category of robots
  • Export CSVs of every single run for further analysis in Excel
  • Download PDF reports to share with your customers
Perfect setups for perfect results

Seamless map & setting management

Robot setups and map adjustments can be rather cumbersome in manufacturer apps. On top of it, a one-by-one setup of a more extensive fleet is time-consuming, so FieldBots OS makes you faster and more precise.

Key features 

Depending on manufacturer support:

  • Edit maps on your desktop
  • Skip learning multiple manufacturer apps
  • Deploy team-specific settings to the whole team
  • Over-the-air updates
More than just an app

Empowering your fleet management

"Out in the field" means your staff needs a reliable companion to identify robots and their issues, communicate, and solve problems.

Key features 
  • Fully featured apps on all platforms 
  • QR codes for inventory management available
  • Maintenance views with easy-to-understand robot feedback and advice on how to deal with it
  • Statistics on maintenance performance for great results
Fieldbots connect

The data hub for unmatched independence

  • FieldBots Connect centralizes your robotics data, settings, and commands, providing a single, manufacturer-independent platform for managing your fleet.

  • FieldBots Connect is the foundation for our desktop, iOS, Android, and web apps suite for FieldBots OS.

Independence from manufacturers

We believe in empowering professional users with the freedom to choose the hardware that best suits their needs.

Independence from FieldBots

We do not compromise on your independence – even from us. All FieldBots interfaces are carefully documented and open for our customers

Independence from data silos

With FieldBots Connect, your data stays your data. It allows sensor integration and analytics and can be a cornerstone of your digitalization strategy

Independence from old business models

FieldBots Connect enables your organization to realize concepts like sensor-based on-demand cleaning, automation targets, or pay-per-use business models

Here’s what our clients across the industries are saying

We might be the perfect partner for you as well. We are looking forward to getting to know each other.

At Cleanfix, we work tirelessly to develop the best automation solutions for the cleaning industry. We also want to offer the best software for our excellent robots, which is why we have been working with FieldBots GmbH for years.

Felix Rüesch
Felix Rüesch

Cleanfix Reinigungssysteme AG

Our customers know that automation in the cleaning industry is in full swing. Kenter GmbH has been offering FieldBots fleet management since day 1. FieldBots OS allows our customers to manage their robotics fleets within a single software.

Rainer Kenter
Rainer Kenter


Geiger Facility Management is always at the cutting edge. We are enthusiastic about using new technology to create even more significant customer benefits and thus set ourselves apart from the competition.

Thomas Braun
Thomas Braun

Geiger FM

Thank you FieldBots GmbH for the installation! Robbie and Roberta are doing a fantastic job! The medical field is talking about AI lately and this exemplifies excellently how technology is helping us in clinical operations.

Dr. Tsin Uin Foong
Dr. Tsin Uin Foong

Osler Health


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