Do you have your FM robots in sight?

Using a single, manufacturer-independent cloud, offer cleaning services through FM robots.




Worldwide in over 30 countries

FieldBots OS is the only manufacturer-independent management suite for facility management (FM) robots.

Based on 14 years of cloud and app experience in group FM, and ten years in FM robotics, we develop desktop, iOS, Android, and web apps for fleets with hundreds of robots.

FieldBots & Group

Headquartered in Germany with 14 years of experience in FM digitization, we have employees in Europe, Southeast Asia (SEA), and the US. Our robots operate in over 30 countries worldwide.

FieldBots OS

In-house developed apps with an FM focus for desktop, tablets, smartphones, and web

FieldBots Connect

Secure and compliant data hub with the underlying foundation of FieldBots OS. A 360° API that empowers your digitization.


Everything is under control

In the office – and in the field. Software doesn't replace people; it helps them work efficiently with tasks from the office or interacting with robots on-site.

Our approach
  • Customer-first service delivery
  • Full features on desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • Easy-to-understand guidance for achieving your ROI
  • Technicalities are handled behind the scenes
  • Clear dashboards and reporting
  • Dealer access for extended support is possible
Fieldbots connect

The data hub for unmatched independence

  • FieldBots Connect centralizes your robotics data, settings, and commands, providing a single, manufacturer-independent platform for managing your fleet.

  • FieldBots Connect is the foundation for our desktop, iOS, Android, and web apps suite for FieldBots OS.

Independence from manufacturers

We believe in empowering professional users with the freedom to choose the hardware that best suits their needs.

Independence from FieldBots

We do not compromise on your independence – even from us. All FieldBots interfaces are carefully documented and open for our customers

Independence from data silos

With FieldBots Connect, your data stays your data. It allows sensor integration and analytics and can be a cornerstone of your digitalization strategy

Independence from old business models

FieldBots Connect enables your organization to realize concepts like sensor-based on-demand cleaning, automation targets, or pay-per-use business models

Automized cleaning is not the future

It's already here. The number of suppliers of FM robots is exploding. With FieldBots OS, you can keep track of and quickly expand your fleet and keep it in good shape.

Keep the overview

As FieldBots OS constantly monitors your robotics setup and fleet, you can configure your team's dashboard and drill down to the location you want to have an eye on.

  • Structure your fleet deployment across multiple locations
  • Arrange the widgets that suit your needs
  • Zoom in and out to get the depth of knowledge necessary
  • Invite colleagues to join
Get your demo

We look forward to presenting FieldBots OS to you in detail. A short demo lets you quickly see how FieldBots OS can support you with your daily work.

Create your account

Creating your account is simple and straightforward. Invite as many colleagues and customers as you want to join your team.

License your FM robots

Transparently and fairly license your FieldBots compatible FM robots to use all the features of FieldBots OS.

Meet the Team

We are FieldBots

FieldBots GmbH isn’t a startup, but a robotics cloud specially designed for facility management, integrating FM robots from different manufacturers. It allows for a roll-out of holistic robotics concepts in corporate real estate, care institutions, the hotel industry, and green spaces.

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