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FieldBots Connect and FieldBots OS are well-rounded products. That's why we thought long and hard about offering our customers the best software solution on the market and the fairest and most transparent prices possible. The answer: you license per robot. In other words, you can use FieldBots no matter how your organization is structured. Create as many teams and users as you like without incurring additional costs, collect as much data is you need. You only pay for each robot licensed in FieldBots. It couldn't be fairer or more transparent.

Fair and Transparent

Pricing per robot and year

Enjoy all the benefits of FieldBots Connect and OS by purchasing your first license. FieldBots OS Starter with a slightly limited feature set is free of charge but limited to two robots. You can pay the annual license fees conveniently by credit card and other payment options depending on your country. FieldBots works trustfully with Stripe as our international payment provider.


$500.00 per robot and year*


$200.00 per robot and year*

*Note: These prices are for your information only and are not binding. Prices may vary depending on your country, currency, or individual agreements with your key account manager.

Available features

FieldBots OS Starter vs. fully-fledged FieldBots OS

FieldBots OS Starter FieldBots OS
Smartphone (iOS and Android)
Tablet (iPadOS and Android)
Web -
Add Bot
Team Comments -
Statistics -
PDF Export -
Excel Export -
Manual Spot and Area Cleaning -
Map History and Recovery -
Create New Teams
Edit Teams
Connect Teams to PropOps -
Delete Teams -
Show Users
Add Users -
Manage User Permissions -
Manage Places
Customize Design -
QR Codes -
Manage Dealer Access -
API access via FieldBots Connect -

Questions & answers

Frequently asked questions about our pricing, answered plain and simple.

  • 1. How many users can I add to my team?

    You can add as many users to your teams as you want. We explicitly do not have a pay-per-user model so that even large organizations can implement their structures in FieldBots OS without cumbersomely limiting the number of users.

  • 2. Special conditions for big customers?

    FieldBots has already entered into many partnerships with operators of large robotics fleets. Talk to us about volume discounts and partnerships.

  • 3. Are there any additional costs?

    No. With an annual license for FieldBots OS, you gain access to all the features and future updates.

  • 4. Are other payment options available?

    Sure! Contact our team and let us find the right payment options for your needs.

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