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These are challenging times: Fewer and fewer staff members are available in the cleaning sector, while customer demands are simultaneously increasing. Therefore, consistent implementation of cleaning automation is more important than ever. FieldBots is your reliable software partner throughout this process.

FieldBots OS

Unmatched independence

Every customer, property, and room situation requires a unique cleaning concept. As cleaning experts, you deserve the freedom to choose the best robots for every application, regardless of brand.

Choose FieldBots OS, Your Bridge to Leading Brands!

FieldBots OS seamlessly integrates with the world's major robot manufacturers, giving you unparalleled freedom and flexibility to select the right tools for every cleaning challenge.

Whether office or Field

One centralized hub for your entire team

FieldBots OS provides a single, unified dashboard for managing your entire robot fleet, accessible from any device. Whether your team is in the office on a large screen or working in the field with a tablet or smartphone, they can access all the necessary features.

Fieldbots OS for Facility Managers

All the features your organization needs to thrive

  • FieldBots OS goes beyond mere fleet management. It's intelligent software designed to empower your daily operations. Establish robust team structures and grant granular access permissions, ensuring efficient workflow and data security

  • As dedicated partners in facility management, not just software providers, we continuously optimize FieldBots OS for peak performance in automated building cleaning.
Streamlined fleet management

With FieldBots OS, you can monitor all robots and their statuses. FieldBots OS alerts you if a robot needs your attention. If desired, you can equip robots with a FieldBots QR code so that employees in the field can quickly identify them.

Granular access control and user permissions

Who can see or do what? With FieldBots OS, this is entirely up to you. Define the rights of employees or customers individually. You can even give your cleaning machine supplier access to your fleet if required.

Organized cleaning schedules and precise location management

Create or import location directories of your buildings with just a few clicks and specify which room has to be cleaned at what time.

Clear, actionable insights at your fingertips

Whether you need reliable data for your own organization or your customers want reporting, with us you always have access to all your data.

API, PDF, and Excel exports

Are your customers data-hungry?

Reporting demands are escalating. FieldBots OS provides all relevant data, perfectly formatted and standardized. Your customers can choose to receive the data directly through an API or access clean PDF and Excel files for their convenience.

Rest assured, your IT team will be thrilled.

With FieldBots OS, both your data and your clients' information remain secure. Embrace the future with the market's most advanced software solution. By the way, explore our exceptionally well-documented programming interfaces.

Unveiling Insights: Know Your Numbers

Bridging the information gap

Information silos are an unavoidable challenge for large organizations. These discrepancies readily emerge between office-based employees and those working on-site. FieldBots OS empowers your employees to receive work orders, including upcoming robot maintenance notifications, directly on their smartphones and report completion with a single tap.

Key features
  • Seamless inventory Management with QR codes
  • Identification of robots in the building by QR code scanning
  • Automatic opening of the robot details page in FieldBots OS
  • Comment and quick reply functions for feedback and completion notifications

What the industry thinks about us

Geiger Facility Management is always at the cutting edge. We are enthusiastic about using new technology to create even more significant customer benefits and thus set ourselves apart from the competition.

Thomas Braun
Thomas Braun

Geiger FM

Thank you FieldBots GmbH for the installation! Robbie and Roberta are doing a fantastic job! The medical field is talking about AI lately and this exemplifies excellently how technology is helping us in clinical operations.

Dr. Tsin Uin Foong
Dr. Tsin Uin Foong

Co-Founder / Chief Medical Officer at Osler Health

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Andrew Bruckner

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