Osler Health 🇸🇬

Osler Health 🇸🇬
Osler Health

Osler Health International is a family GP clinic offering primary healthcare services to adults, teenagers, children, and babies. Whether you have lived in Singapore all your life or just arrived, the international doctors of Osler Health are here to provide a compassionate and ethical GP service based on your needs.

The Case

Introducing Robbie and Roberta! Named by the team at a new installation to Osler Health International since the end of May 2023 at two different outlets in Raffles Arcade and Star Vista malls in Singapore. Installation into medical clinics is perfect for professional cleaning microbots as cleanliness is essential for the industry.

With FieldBots OS, the Osler team has observed their bots in two locations from the comfort of their main office. The bots are scheduled to clean the clinic after the outlets are closed and just before the cleaners come to work. This allows the cleaners to work on other tasks and go straight to mopping the floors. With 86 hours of runtime and an area of 8,591 sqm after only a few days since installation, the company can save monthly on all work. Cleaners are more efficient because they can focus on more essential jobs, while costs can be saved with more work completed.

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