Reeman 🇨🇳

Reeman 🇨🇳

Shenzhen Reeman Intelligent Equipment Co.,ltd was founded in 2015. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on robotic platforms and autonomous driving technology. Reeman has more than 2,000 square meters of modern office space, a professional, solid, and energetic technology research and development team, a management team with modern management awareness, and a professional marketing team. Reeman has been focusing on the intelligent robot industry and delving into technology and products in the field of artificial intelligence. It has 54 patents, 20 software copyrights, various product qualifications, testing and certification. Reeman has always adhered to the goal of “realizing the commercial success of robots in various fields around the world” and is committed to continuously promoting profound changes in the commercialization of the robotics industry and creating more and more practical value for users worldwide.

Partnership with FieldBots

As a medium-sized company with production facilities, Reeman is highly innovative. That is why the cooperation with the company from Shenzhen is exciting for us. With the Snail Cleaner, Reeman has created a very ambitious microbot alternative to the previous top dogs in the scrubber-dryer robotics sector. Powerful, significantly smaller, and, above all, considerably cheaper, the Snail Cleaner is an exciting product for smaller areas. Reeman’s Snail Cleaner is perfectly integrated into Fieldbots OS and can be fully controlled by Fieldbots OS.

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