ZACO / Robovox 🇩🇪

ZACO / Robovox 🇩🇪
ZACO / Robovox

ZACO stands for slender, stylish, affordable robotic vacuums and mops that work well. This dynamic brand is distributed in Europe exclusively by Robovox Distributions GmbH, headquartered in Gelsenkirchen.

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Integration of ZACO X1000

The Zaco X1000 fills an essential gap in the FM robot market. At 20,000 Pa, it is significantly more powerful than the vast majority of microbots and, with a height of over 36 cm, is also far from being a tripping hazard. We at FieldBots were keen to integrate the X1000 into our software because we are convinced that the X1000 will become established very soon. It’s perfect for small entrance halls, offices, retail sapceand hospitality. FieldBots OS users and the X1000 benefit from the depth of our integration.

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